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GW2 Headstart + Ravings of the Hardcore Raider

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 25, 2012, 5:09 AM

- In Which I Speak of GW2 and the Error Code Fiasco!-

WELL apart from the login disaster they are having, I actually really like how GW2 is working.

Beta started early, logged in, made my guardian Bhryn, got to level 4, got a client error 42 then an error saying my password was wrong, and was booted out of the game completely. Hrm. Went to log back in... nothing.

Waited five minutes, then went back to the game, logged in, made a Mesmer Sylvari called Rhialle, logged out, tried to log into Bhryn... nope. Stuck on character select screen. Went to log into the Mesmer. Nope.

SO I made a Human Necromancer called Mallory Ambray, got to level 6! Three hours of fun playing, trying to get used to the world and the bizarre controls/traits/etc. Then bam, blindsided by another error 42, then a password error. Now I can't even connect to login, error 42 all the way.

Despite HAVING these problems, it's a GOOD game. I am really enjoying it. WoWkiller? Well, without monthly fees and some crazy pvp, yes it could be. It's interesting enough to be good, different enough to be liked and once you get a hang of the traits/skill/weapon system, then you're laughing.

Also ran past Yogscast. That was an odd experience. Well hmmm, waiting for them to get off their butts and fix the login issues. Then all will be dandy like candy.

- World of Warcraft - and the Angry rage of the Jilted Hardcore Raider -

(In response to a facebook friend)

-Friend-  WoW is the WoW killer, honestly. Their latest expansion made the game a real joke. They're focusing more on children (I mean, Pokemon aka Pet Battles? Panada bears? Pfft) which makes it a bad place for adults to be.
35 minutes ago · Like

- Me -  Exactly, but they are working on another MMO so they say, so I don't think they're too overtly worried. When SWTOR came out, WoW saw a huge drop in their playerbase. I imagine a free to play game giving people a far better pvp environment is making them gnaw their livers in frustration. One of the big points about WoW was always their PvP base, like it or not (I mean look at the money thrown on pvp tournaments for a start! if not the pvpers who were highly rated and even paid for pvping). Oh well, WoW. This is what you get for turning on us in BC. That was your downfall. It just took time to get there.

-Friend -  Oh that's exactly it, Nic. They focused far too much on PVPers (that's why us PVErs got screwed for talents and output power. PVPers whined so they nerfed everyone) I went to Rift... tried it out.. liked it. The player base is far more mature than the idiots on WoW. lol

-Me -  I stopped Rift because it didn't have the stuff I needed. And I think you missed my point.

I'm on the side of pvpers, as one myself and as a raider. I don't roleplay and I don't spend my time idly on games like this. I'm always working towards being one step better.

When I was talking about PvP, what I mean is, WoW shifted a lot of their attention from word Go to the pvp base. Whilst I agree with balancing, and honestly, it is often needed even in a hardcore raid setting (imagine being the low output rogue compared to a hunter? Or a shaman healer who couldn't grasp why her HPS wasn't the same as a disc priest which was never originally meant to be heals, only mitigation). WoW fine tuned the classes in a fair manner and usually when they knew a problem was up, they'd sort it. Admittedly it takes a little longer for some than others. IE, the raiding shamans were screwed for a long time, but in pvp they were one of the higher powered healers. As a shaman, I never knew where to throw myself in Cata.

And this is where my point lies. It has little to do with PvP, PVE or even RP. It's down to Blizzard-Activision. At the end of BC they made the conscious decision to allow anyone and their dog into raid instances. This, I think, was their turning point to disaster. PvP and RP could continue as they pleased. But in PvE, thats when it all went wrong. You have undergeared, and frankly, unprepared characters going into instances they had no hope of clearing. Instances like these high end raids were designed to TEST a character as well as player - to make sure you understood tactics, you knew triage, you knew you were -fighting your ass off- for gear every step of the way. In BC, this is what made raiders truly proud of themselves, the same for Vanilla. You saw someone with the title 'Hand of A'dal' and you knew that crazy man had fought hours and hours to get that. The amount of incredible tactical awareness needed back then as well as a calm and ordered mind... you don't see that these days.

In Wrath they came out with Normal and Heroic. Which was the end of everything that was awesome. Normal let idiots get gear they wouldnt otherwise without trying hard, which enabled them to go into heroics. To please the crowd of new players who 'wanna kill that lich king dude' they made stats and armour progressively more 'anime dbz' style. Your heals would be chained without thought for mana, because mana was so high, mana regen was crazy and spell costs were relatively low. Wrath spoiled a generation of WoW players. They were spoon fed that wow was simple, wow was easy. All you had to do was fart in the right direction and gear came dropping out of the goddamn clouds for you. It was a pathetic joke.

And what did Cata do? WoW, realising they'd managed to alienate the hardcore raider population which makes up the other massive chunk of their income, swings back from the left to the right. In the swing, they piss off the PvPers as well as all the 'wrath babies' whose understanding of triage healing limits itself to jokes about '0/0/0/49 bandage spec?lololo!!1!'. They tried to make amends - they shortened raid lockouts so you had only a choice of one or the other, 10 or 25, heroic ratings et al. They gave us the RAID FINDER with a whole new tier of gear-fail. They then decided that it would be great to change our skills with 'simplification' in mind, which only ended up with everyone beating their head on the screen and screaming 'YOU HAD IT SO GOOD IN BC, WTF ARE YOU DOING ANYMORE, BLIZZ?!" And then littered the entire expac with useless pop culture references.

And now, in Pandaria, they are trying even more tacks to stop their ship from sinking.

PvPers, having sensed the dawn of GW2 have upped and decided to see how the World vs World pvp is like. A 2000 or so player strong fuckfest.

PvE'rs have been promised sufficient endgame.

Casual players have wardrobe changes and plenty of collecting to do, not to mention GW2 has dedicated roleplay servers and a much smarter level of players.

AND it's free to play.

Sure, it has login issues right now. But Blizz dug their own grave, first with the PvE, then with the PvP. Not even Kung Fu Fucking panda is going to save it.

Blizz-Activision: you had it all right in BC, even the vanilla players agreed that if BC had 40 man raids as an option in the same style, it would possibly have been the greatest game of all time. Why the fuck you threw it all to the wind is anyones guess. But there you have it. And good riddance to you and your toxic pieces of shit.

/end rant of the century.

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thirzadragon Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
Umm okay
the way I see it is, I pay the exact same $15 a month that the hardcore kiddies and their unlimited time to play have their mommies pay for them.
Bhryn Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
I didn't have unlimited time. I worked 40 hrs a week, as well as doing my own artwork at home and being the carer for two heavily disabled people. I got a few hours each night to put effort into something I was paying for. If you're going to put it that way;

I pay $15 a month and Blizz spits out slop that is for babies to mewl over? I pay 15 for content that is worth playing, not pieces of crap served up to those who don't have the will, drive or effort to make better of themselves for it. If this is offensive, tough. That's simply how I see it.

In BC blizz had it right. Everyone played to their comfort level. You don't advertise parts of a game as being elite and awesome and expect it to get scaled down to your playing level. I paid for hard content that I worked hard for and EARNED the respect of my guildies as well as fellow server players.

Now you don't have anything. It's a pile of steaming shit. Shouting at me over my opinion will change nothing.

Lili-Tea Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012   General Artist
I was really looking forward to GW2, but since they announced the whole "you can only log in from the region where you purchased your copy" I was really put off. I travel between EU and US a whole bunch so I'd like to be able to play my damn MMOs wherever I happen to be, without being forced to buy two copies.
While a lot of games have separate servers for EU and NA players, usually you can still play from anywhere in the world. It's just a matter of buying the version you want.
I don't understand why ArenaNet couldn't do the same.

It pains me to see all the work I put into my Hall of Monuments go to waste, because the way things are now, for me personally, the game is broken. There's no way I'm paying over 70€ for something I can only play half the time. :c

WoW.. I'm having mixed feelings about it, as well, haha. I've never been big on PvP, so changes to that never really concerned me. I'm a pretty casual player, too, but I would like to be able to try all content at least once. It's kinda annoying how seemingly everyone who does raids only cares about item level. e_e Some of the stuff with Pandaria sounds kinda fun - I actually like Pokémon so the pet battles might turn out entertaining - but.. I just.. I don't know. I currently don't have the money to throw into a pay-to-play game, anyway.
And besides all the pandas are a bit too fat for my liking. ; ^; I hope they'll finally update the other racial models though, they look so janky in comparison.
Bhryn Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
I'll admit, the region lock thing is excessively odd. I have no idea why they did that. I spent a lot of time myself moving back and forth between UK and US... but I don't have that issue now!

However, I think this would have sincerely bothered me a lot more had I been paying per month for the game.

Awww they're tubby little cubbies all stuffed with... ...alcohol? I mean they are brewmasters... :s
Shaythulhu Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree with this journal 100%. This was pretty awesome to wake up to and a really great read!
Blizzard really dropped the ball onto their head . . .
Bhryn Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
*takes a bow?* hehe, I take my games quite seriously and having played WoW since the start of BC but sadly missing out on Vanilla, I got to experience what pretty much everyone called 'the golden years'. The game was well balanced and finely crafted. It's just horrible that Blizz went down swinging wildly at its player base. I sincerely hope their next MMO learns from this, and I have no doubt it would be amazing.
CookieFox6 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe, I'm almost glad I only have the 1 day headstart so they may have a chance for all of the log in fiascoes to be fixed and I'll have a smooth ride at the start.
Bhryn Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
It got better - all the servers crashed. It's GLORIOUS MAYHEM! XD And they tried to release a patch, but it wont download for anyone! /dying laughing

This might be one of the most hilarious launch days EVER.
CookieFox6 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It'll certainly be a memorable one! Haha, it's funny yet terrible~
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