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I should make a tutorial, but what for? 

10 deviants said Poses/Drawing
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United Kingdom
Born sometime before dinosaurs roamed the earth when the Egyptians were making pyramids in the very early 80's, this nutjob madwoman artist and gamer seeks to live her life to the fullest! Never once doing anything useful successfully finishing any games lately is she to be found backing down from a challenge, Bhryn (or Nic as she likes to also be called as well as 'oi you' and 'bitchtits mcnipplenuggets' plays games and is currently discovering the horrors joys of crutches.

Diagnosed with the most pain in the arse of the arsiest arse ever Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility, she is currently in complete denial coming to terms with the fact that she can't ever be a ninja or a pirate shortcomings of this lifelong illness. Yes, she is bonkers stubborn hot tempered bright and fiery still and a loyal stalker friend to those she has built creepy shrines to in the basement/attic loves and cares for.

...wait, why are you running away...

My tutorial exploded in views, what?!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 8, 2014, 3:13 AM

Okay so, if I'd known you guys were THIS desperate to know how the heck I made the glowy stuff earlier, I would have shown you earlier.

Upcoming tutorials include:

How 2 Pose (because I don't know why you guys think I pose stuff well, I just draw people in compromising positions a lot!)
Colouring 2014 (The new and exciting ways I've learned to abuse Sai and how you can also abuse the shit out of Sai too!)
Lineart (Make some lines, praying a lot to dark gods and the settings I use on my inking brushes)
Wave Goodbye - A very misinformed tutorial by me for :devpain-moong: who seems to think schlepping and making terrible oceans is hard. I'm going to destroy her illusions that I'm any good at this crap with a tutorial. <3


So I also won the World of Warchicks group featured challenge for June with Lorien and my troll baes, Dep and Ame. Which means I've been given artwork by some sexy people, first one received is of Kaona:

Chibi Kaona by TwoTigerMoon by the lovely, sweet and talented Miss TwoTigerMoon whose gallery you should romp through, naked and screaming about how much you love her.


2014 has been so far a very productive year for me, on and off. I feel that somehow art is my escape, my way of working through all these emotions I can't seem to handle, so you've seen it in my artwork over the past few months, specifically in Lorien (A DK who died for those she loved, then was reunited with them when she broke free of the Lich King, discovering that the nephew she adored had grown into a beautiful woman who honoured her beloved Aunt's sacrifice by also becoming a bastion of strength for Silvermoon and her people as a warrior tank. And her idiot brothers, Verimar the Crybaby and Trevaine the Sister-Complex Creep)

But when it's quiet and I'm not doing artwork, I can sit and think. I think about Mat, more often now without crying or feeling guilty. I think about when it's silent, it would have been his stupid laugh at my expense. I also spend a lot more time with those I love, and attempting to become more social, even if it's a little bit.

To these ends, Jardel-Karabella was recently brave enough to suggest that we start a Saints Row 3 game together (his Boss Sophie is already maxxed out and badass so he made a new one) and it's been hilarious so far. Plus he has a great aussie accent. Expect to see some sketches of Boss Bhryn and her Bodyguard Kim.

I've also been playing a LOT of Borderlands 2 with Draggyness and I'm willing to help/play with as many as I can - just be bold and ask me! (steam id: Bhryn)

And I've finally suckered my sister into playing Dead Island with me (we just completed the first one, we're about to hit up Riptide) and it's been an absolute blast. She panics a little more than I'd like, but we're doing otherwise great. I have some screenshots in my steam folder of our exploits so far.

Anyway, just a quick hi, how ya doing - off to go wake up now. Urgh mornings.


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Giggles0805 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm loving the style of your art! Never stop drawing! :D
Bhryn Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Professional General Artist
Thank you, and I'll try not to! Every day is a battle vs genetic issues, but until my hands actually drop off, I won't stop trying! Thank you for coming to my page too, it means a lot to me xxx
Giggles0805 Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww, I'm sorry you're in so much pain. *hugs* Take care of yourself!
Elvishprincess25 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
your artwork is so super jealous of how talented you are <3 <3 <3
Bhryn Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Professional General Artist
*gives you about 20 hugs and pulls you in for cookies* you're a darling - but your art is really sweet and keep practicing at it, thats all you have to do, no one ever stops learning to be better. I'll bring out some of my super old crap one day and frighten you with how bad I was when I started.
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